What I do

What I do isn’t defined by a career, I don’t get a paycheck, and my resume isn’t extensive. My work started as a hobby, a way to put into words what was rumbling around in my head. At some point I decided to share my thoughts, my journey through trying to find a healthier, better me. I write what I experience, I share the good and the not so good that so many encounter in life. My works include poetry, short stories, and a blog that connects with others experiencing a similar journey. I do motherhood with two very active boys. I do life with mental illness, struggling with bipolar, depression, ptsd, anxiety. I do Chronic illness with Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and others. Living life, using what I experience in my work. Advocating for abused children, women. Fighting for those who deserve better, who feel alone, need someone to connect to. This is my work. This blog is a work in progress, a goal to build a support for those seeking to connect with real life experience. I what I do with passion, love, genuine empathy, and unlimited amounts of coffee!